The bug reporting flow can be triggered with different activation methods, which are passed during the initialization of the BugBattle SDK.

//Obective C
[BugBattle initWithToken: @"API_KEY" andActivationMethod: SHAKE];
[BugBattle initWithToken: @"API_KEY" andActivationMethod: NONE];

BugBattle.initWithToken("API_KEY", andActivationMethod: SHAKE)
BugBattle.initWithToken("API_KEY", andActivationMethod: NONE)

If you choose NONE as activation method, you need to trigger the bug reporting flow manually by calling the following static method:

//Objective C
[BugBattle startBugReporting];


By default we recommend using the SHAKE activation method as it's easy & fast for users to use.

Feel free to reach out to us, if you need help! We are always here to help! 👋

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