The BugBattle SDK for iOS is the easiest way to integrate BugBattle into your apps!

You have two ways to set up the BugBattle SDK for iOS. The easiest way ist to install and link the SDK with CocoaPods. If you haven't heard about CocoaPods yet, we strongly encourage you to check out their getting started here (it's super easy to get started & worth using 😍)

Installation with CocoaPods

Open a terminal window and navigate to the location of the Xcode project for your app.

Create a Podfile if you don't have one:

$ pod init

Open your Podfile and add:

pod 'BugBattle'

Save the file and run:

$ pod install

This creates an .xcworkspace file for your app. Use this file for all future development on your application.

The BugBattle SDK is almost installed successfully.
Let's carry on with the initialization 🎉

Open your XCode project (.xcworkspace) and open your App Delegate (AppDelegate.swift)

Import the BugBattle SDK
Import the BugBattle SDK by adding the following import below your other imports.

import BugBattle

Initialize the SDK

The last step is to initialize the BugBattle SDK by adding the following Code to the end of the applicationDidFinishLaunchingWithOptions delegate:

BugBattle.initWithToken("YOUR-API-KEY", andActivationMethod: SHAKE)

(Your API key can be found in the project settings within BugBattle)

Installation without CocoaPods

1. Download & install the BugBattle.framework

Download the latest Framework from here.

2. Drag BugBattle.framework into your project
Now drag BugBattle.framework into your project. Make your to add the framework to your project targets.

3. Link the BugBattle.framework
Your are almost done! Open up your project's general settings and add the framework to your embedded binaries (see screenshot below)


Having trouble? We are here to help, just let us know!

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